AStudy Abroad in Romeplaces you in the vibrant and historical capital city of Italy, home of Vatican City, and a list of ancient monuments that dates to 70-80 AD. Studying Abroad in Rome offers you the opportunity to take in some of the world’s most beloved and iconic landmarks, monuments, and museums, all while living and taking classes in a most culturally and politically dynamic environment. If you are looking for an undergraduate experience that is both intellectually stimulating and an adventure at the same time, why not earn academic credit while you get to know Roma, Italy!

Why Consider a Study Abroad in Rome, Italy?

A Study Abroad in Rome has appeal to students of many different faculties; whether you are studying political science, religious studies, sociology, history, anthropology, fine arts, STEM fields or music, Rome makes a marvelous and memorable backdrop. Considered a major international center for higher education, Rome’s first university, La Sapienza was founded in 1303 and is one of the largest in the world.[i]Newer universities, major libraries – including the Vatican library are only a few of the stimulating features of studying abroad in Rome, no matter what your major!

FUN FACT: How do you translate “exciting” into Italian? Say ‘emozionante’ (web)[ii]


You don’t have to go far in Rome to stand in awe. Chances are your Study Abroad in Rome program will have an excursion component, as well as leave you leisure time for personal discoveries. Main attractions like the Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine, St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City. Textbooks cannot do justice to standing up close with the real buildings. Other sites include the catacombs, beautiful bridges (ponte), statues and monuments.

On the topic of Architecture

Rome is a visual treat for the architect, the archeologist and the artist. Architecture is a blend of Medieval, Baroque and Renaissance. One of the masterpieces to see is thePiazza del Capidoglioby Michelangelo and theFontana di Treviby Nicola Salvi.

Archeology Buffs

For the archeology or art history student, a Study Abroad in Rome situates you in an archeological hub, and one of the world’s main centers of archaeological research.[iii]Apart from ancient site, Rome boasts an impressive collection of sculpture, fountains, mosaics, frescos and paintings from different periods in its history.

Green Space

Gardens in Rome are beautiful and nature reserves cover a large area. Take a walk through the Villa Borghese gardens with one of your friends from class. Look down on thePiazza del Popoloand the Spanish Steps from the Villa Medici.

Foodie Stuff

Rome is considered a major gastronomical destination. Roman dishes tend to be hearty and unique, based on local ingredients from Campagna. Trysaltimbocca alla Romana- a veal cutlet, topped with raw ham and sage and simmered with white wine and butter, fresh Gnocchi, andSpaghetti alla carbonara– a yummy dish of spaghetti with bacon, eggs and pecorino.


Rome is a great place to learn Latin- the main language of classical Rome! Studying in Rome might also be the perfect place to learn or advance your knowledge of the Italian language; immersed with local people and going about your day with opportunity to practice is by far a superlative language lab!

Festivals and Fun

While there are certainly an abundance of religious fests and the important holidays tend to shut down the city, Rome also has a cultural heritage week, numerous music and open-air festivals. Take in theRoma Incontra il Mondoif you study in Rome during the summer; musicians from all over, a lakeside stage and cool breezes or theFesta Internazionale di Roma– a fantastic film festival.[iv]Of course, your local friends will loop you into all the fun things to do.

Find a Study Abroad in Rome Program

在罗马是找到合适的留学项目必威体育投注betwaya question of looking through the sponsored listings to find a program that aligns with what you want to study and when you want to go. Study STEM sciences near the Tiber river, or take Italian language courses during your winter semester. Rome is one of the major destination cities for study abroad programs tailored for undergraduates so you are sure to find one that blends exhilarating travel with solid academics!

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